LaRue Wines began in 2009 with winemaker Katy Wilson crafting elegant and restrained Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from respected vineyards solely from the Sonoma Coast. Starting in 2021, husband and wife team David Meneses and Katy Wilson began to explore David’s passion for Bordeaux varietals, leading them to expand their portfolio to feature Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc called Charlie LaRue. There are just two releases per year exclusively for club and mail list members in the spring & the fall.

Chardonnay<br />Charles Heintz Vineyard

Charles Heintz Vineyard

Located at about 800 feet elevation on Goldridge sandy loam soils and with the cool ocean influence, the Heintz Vineyard’s fruit is a quintessential expression of the Sonoma Coast—great acid backbone with a rich palate and a touch of minerality.


Chardonnay<br />H. Klopp Vineyard

H. Klopp Vineyard

In 2014, Katy Wilson teamed up with Ted Klopp and Lauren Klopp Williams (also of Thorn Ridge Vineyard) in the planting on this coastal vineyard. The combination of the Goldridge sandy loam soils and coastal climate lend to wines with great complexity of minerality and high levels of acidity.

Meyer Lemon // Bosc Pear // Lime Zest // Honeysuckle // Crème Brûlée 

Pinot Noir<br />Sonoma Coast

Pinot Noir
Sonoma Coast

Our Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is a blend from our single vineyard wines. Each year, Katy Wilson crafts this barrel selection wine to be enjoyed upon release or cellar for years.

Raspberry // Bing Cherry // Strawberry // Leather // Cardamom

Pinot Noir<br />Charles Heintz Vineyard

Pinot Noir
Charles Heintz Vineyard

The Charles Heintz Vineyard is a highly sought-after vineyard for premium wine producers for its quintessential expression of the Sonoma Coast. The coastal influence on the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at this vineyard gives the wine great acid and backbone with a rich palate and a touch of minerality.

Pinot Noir<br />Coastlands Vineyard

Pinot Noir
Coastlands Vineyard

First planted in 1989 by the Cobb family, the Coastlands Vineyard has some of the oldest Pinot Noir vines on the Sonoma Coast. This vineyard ranges from 900-1,200 feet elevation and only is only four miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Dark Raspberry // Black Cherry // PLUM // Bay Laurel // Rustic Spices

Pinot Noir<br />Emmaline Ann Vineyard

Pinot Noir
Emmaline Ann Vineyard

Eight miles from the coast, the Emmaline Ann Vineyard is a three-acre vineyard near the town of Freestone. The vineyard’s proximity to the ocean, as well as higher elevation at 800 feet, both contribute to the elegant quality and balanced characteristics of both earth and fruit that are definitive of this vineyard.

Spiced Cranberry // Fresh Strawberry // Violets // Forest Floor // Leather

Pinot Noir<br />Rice-Spivak Vineyard

Pinot Noir
Rice-Spivak Vineyard

Rice-Spivak Vineyard is a six-acre vineyard south of the town of Sebastopol. The soils on this vineyard are Goldridge sandy loam along with volcanic ash. This distinctive soil profile along with the clonal selections of Dijon and Swan create a wine that is balanced with good acidity, fresh aromas, and unmistakable minerality.

Cherry Compote // Muddled Strawberry // Spiced Plum // Clove // Black Tea

Pinot Noir<br />Thorn Ridge Vineyard

Pinot Noir
Thorn Ridge Vineyard

This steep eastern-facing sloped vineyard is planted on Goldridge sandy loam soils. Thorn Ridge is located just west of the town of Sebastopol where a heavy marine influence gives notes of dark fruit integrated with spicy undertones to the wine.


Pinot Noir<br />Rae

Pinot Noir

Wine Club Only – Named after Katy’s mom, Janna Rae Wilson, this single-barrel wine selection is an expression of the best of the vintage. The 2018 Rae was our inaugural vintage.

Cabernet Sauvignon<br /> Bedrock Vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon
Bedrock Vineyard

Bedrock was one of the first vineyards David ever visited during his first trip to California, and in 2021 we produced our inaugural vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon from this historical vineyard site. Taking up 152 acres of the heart of Sonoma Valley, the vineyard occupies a large section of one of the best-growing climates for grapes on earth.

Cabernet Sauvignon<br /> Monte Rosso Vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon
Monte Rosso Vineyard

Perched in the Mayacamas Mountains, 1000 feet above the Sonoma Valley, this site impresses year after year with 2021 being our inaugural vintage. Reddish volcanic soils filled with rock and iron speak clearly to its sense of place.