Pinot Noir
Coastlands Vineyard

Pinot Noir<br />Coastlands Vineyard

First planted in 1989 by the Cobb family, the Coastlands Vineyard has some of the oldest Pinot Noir vines on the Sonoma Coast. After years of working exclusively as growers, the Cobb family started Cobb Wines in 2001, leaving very little fruit to sell. LaRue has been honored to be one of the select few wineries to work with this amazing vineyard over the years.

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Vineyard Notes

This south-west facing vineyard ranges from 900-1,200 feet elevation. At only four miles from the coast, the wind-swept ridge overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The uplifted marine soils in this vineyard are Kneeland sandy loam & Yorkville clay loam. The marine influenced weather here plays a large role in the long ripening time and allows us to produce a balanced wine.

Winemaking Notes

Each year, I strive to showcase the vineyard as well as that particular growing season. Once the grapes come into the winery, I decide whether or not to incorporate any whole cluster. Many factors contribute to this decision including the age of the vines, timing of harvest, and vigor of the season. In the Coastlands Vineyard, I have done 20-30% whole cluster for most vintages. The grapes begin with a cold soak anywhere from 4-7 days. Once the grapes start fermenting, I will do a combination of punchdowns and pumpovers.

After fermentation, I press in a gentle basket press and settle the wine before going to French oak barrels. The percentage of new oak can be anywhere from 20-50%, and is dependent on the wine’s structure and complexity, as well as the number of barrels. While the wine is aging, I will taste all of the barrels regularly and will rack barrel to barrel as needed. Some barrels may spend up to 16 months on original lees. Most years, I will bottle this wine at 20 months, but in the 2014 vintage, I aged this wine for 32 months before bottling. In that particular year, the wine needed that additional time for integration of the oak.

— Katy Wilson // Proprietor + Winemaker

Vintage Details

2017 2014 2013

Pinot Noir
Coastlands Vineyard
Sonoma Coast
Pinot Noir<br />Coastlands Vineyard