Pinot Noir
Rice-Spivak Vineyard

Pinot Noir<br />Rice-Spivak Vineyard

Owned by Russell Rice and Helene Spivak, we have been working with this vineyard since LaRue was founded in 2009. From her very first harvest experience working with Rice-Spivak, Katy knew that this small, cool north-facing site was something special.

Cherry Compote // Muddled Strawberry // Spiced Plum // Clove // Black Tea  

Vineyard Notes

Planted in 1999, Rice-Spivak Vineyard is a six-acre vineyard south of the town of Sebastopol. The soils on this vineyard are Goldridge sandy loam along with volcanic ash. This distinctive soil profile along with the clonal selections of Dijon and Swan create a wine that is balanced with good acidity, fresh aromas, and unmistakable minerality.

Winemaking Notes

Each year, I strive to showcase the vineyard as well as that particular growing season. Once the grapes come into the winery, I decide whether or not to incorporate any whole cluster. Many factors contribute to this decision including the age of the vines, timing of harvest, and vigor of the season. In the Rice-Spivak Vineyard, I have done whole cluster on select vintages, but not every year. The grapes begin with a cold soak anywhere from 4-7 days. Once the grapes start fermenting, I will do a combination of punchdowns and pumpovers.

After fermentation, I press in a gentle basket press and settle the wine before going to French oak barrels. The percentage of new oak can be anywhere from 20-50%, which depends on the wine’s structure and complexity as well as the number of barrels. While the wine is aging, I will taste all of the barrels regularly and will rack barrel to barrel as needed. Some barrels may spend up to 16 months on original lees. I bottle this wine after 20 months in barrel.

— Katy Wilson // Proprietor + Winemaker

Vintage Details

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Pinot Noir
Rice-Spivak Vineyard
Sonoma Coast
Pinot Noir<br />Rice-Spivak Vineyard