Pigasus Vineyard

Rows of grapevines grow on a sunny, rolling vineyard with a tractor working between the rows and a clear blue sky overhead.

At roughly 850 feet of elevation, the family-owned organically farmed Pigasus Vineyard is located in the Sonoma Mountain AVA. The grape vines are rooted in a well-drained mix of soils from sandy loam to clay loam, with moderate amounts of small volcanic rocks. 

Katy has worked with this vineyard for almost a decade and we have formed a close friendship with owners Dale Harvey and Amy Wallace. This vineyard’s unique windswept landscape allows us to pick with wonderful balance and complexity while maintaining beautiful acidity. 

During David’s years as a sommelier, he gained a passion for Sauvignon Blanc that represents the truest expression of variety, vineyard, and vintage that improve with age. When the opportunity presented itself to produce a wine from Dale & Amy that sommeliers and the everyday consumer would enjoy from this special vineyard, we knew we had to take it. 

Sonoma Mountain
Sauvignon Blanc
Clone 1
Soil Type
Sandy Loam, Clay loam, and volcanic rocks
Year Planted
850 feet