Bedrock Vineyard

A tractor pulling a wagon through a vineyard.

Bedrock Vineyard is one of the most historically and qualitatively gilded plots of land in Sonoma Valley. Taking up 152 acres of the heart of Sonoma Valley, the vineyard occupies a large section of one of the best-growing climates for grapes on earth. Founded in 1854, Bedrock Vineyard has grown grapes for over 150 years and is currently owned and farmed by the Peterson Family (Bedrock Wine Co.). Bedrock Vineyard is soon to be CCOF Organic Certified, as well as Regenerative Organic Certified. Cultural practices are done by hand – including pruning, leafing, fruit thinning, and harvesting ensuring every vine is cared for with the utmost attention. The farming of this vineyard is focused on soil health and regeneration, allowing the vines to coexist with the earth rather than fighting against it. 

David was impressed by this vineyard ever since he was introduced to it during his years as a sommelier, and on his first trips out to California in 2013, Bedrock Vineyard was one of the first spots he visited. David always gravitated towards Cabernet Sauvignon and was particularly interested in crafting a wine that sommeliers and the everyday consumer would enjoy alike. When presented with the incredible opportunity to work with such a respected vineyard, David knew that he needed to seize the moment, and with the guidance and support from his talented wife, Katy Wilson, the Charlie LaRue label was born. In 2021, they purchased their first ton of fruit from Bedrock Vineyard and have been producing cellar-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon ever since. 

Sonoma Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
Soil Type
Tuscan Cobbly Clay Loam
Year Planted
213 feet
Distance from the Coast
16 miles