Katy Wilson Daily Meal Article

Winemaker Katy Wilson is Featured in Daily Meal Article

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Katy Wilson, owner/winemaker, LaRue Wines, Sonoma, Calif.

“I grew up on a walnut orchard, so starting out at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo I knew I wanted to be involved in agriculture. I was attracted to winemaking because it is agriculture, but also requires creativity. It is an industry where you have to know chemistry, how to fix a pump when it breaks, and drive a forklift. It also requires an exceptional palate and sense of smell.

I worked under Ross Cobb, winemaker for both Hirsch and Cobb Wines, at Flowers Winery for two years and learned a tremendous amount about Pinot Noir winemaking from him. He is very in tune with his vineyards and wines and continues to evolve as a winemaker. He is also able to balance a family, a full-time winemaking position, and his own wine label and vineyard.”

“My style of winemaking is more towards the ‘hands off’ approach than the ‘invasive.’ I am aiming to make a wine that is feminine, but firm. I want my wine to be able to pair with food. In order to do that it cannot be overly powerful and tannic or too light and flimsy. I aim to make a wine that is very layered and complex.”

“There have been nights when I have been at the winery until 2 a.m. after working for 45 days straight and thought to myself, ‘What am I doing? Why did I choose this for myself?’ I then think about it and realize that I am doing this because I love it.”

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